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Year 1 Thinking into Clarity - 52 weekly messages. 12 words that help you gain clarity in your life.  We focus on one word  for 5 weeks, going into depth with quotes, videos and action/accountability steps 

Year 2 Thinking into Success - another 52 weeks focusing on 12 words that lead to personal success for you. 

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We want you to have Success

What is Success?

"It's the progressive realization of a worthy ideal"  Earl Nightingale  

It’s the "achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted." The Free Dictionary

Success is often thought of as the having of wealth or fame: the fancy car, the big house, being a well known sports hero, or famous actor. 

When we have such a limited view of success, we will always feel that we fall short of our own success.

Success is whatever worthy ideal we set out to achieve, and as we progressively work towards that ideal then we are a success.

Through quotes, stories and easy action steps, this site has been setup to guide you along your pathway to a deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to be.  It helps you focus on what you really want, to uncover your authentic self, and to  bring your outer world into harmony with your inner world, to guide you to your own success.

Come with me on this journey of Thinking into Success .. and know what success is for you!

You will receive one email a week.  A few minutes a week can make  a huge impact in your life


We connect parents and children with their purpose so that a family can transform from ordinary to phenomenal and live the life of their dreams

Rick and Leisa Olson

F.U.S.E. Family Coaches

F.U.S.E. Family Coaches Rick and Leisa Olson, parents to 6 daughters and grandparents to 10+ grandchildren, are the experts for helping parents Unify, Strengthen and Empower their family. F.U.S.E. family programs teach the importance of taking responsibility for your thoughts feelings and actions, or Attitude, and guide families to an awareness of their purpose together as a family.



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